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Emergency Boiler Repair Bury

When your boiler breaks, it can be a huge hassle, from not being able to have warm showers to the radiators not working, making the house cold, especially during the winter. Finding an emergency team can also be a problem, trying not to get ripped off and making sure you get trustworthy plumbers.

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Local boiler emergency response in Bury

We are your go-to boiler emergency response specialists in the Bury area.

We cover the full range of areas in the Bury borough, including:

  • Ramsbottom
  • Tottington
  • Radcliffe
  • Whitefield
  • Prestwich
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What do I do if my boiler breaks down?

The best thing you can do when your boiler breaks is to call us immediately and explain the issue. 

Our trustworthy, experienced and qualified team will be at your door in no time. For additional peace of mind, all of our team are Gas Safe registered and have years of boiler and heating experience.


What classes as a boiler emergency?

There are a variety of different boiler problems which class as an emergency, but don’t worry, we’ll help however we can.

We can fix all sorts of different problems when it comes to your boiler breaking down. From combi boilers to energy efficient boilers, we have experience in diagnosing and fixing issues with all types of heating systems.

The most common issue experienced is the total loss of hot water or heating. This is definitely considered an emergency, especially when young children or the elderly are involved. 

Other issues which commonly arise are:

  • Pipes that may begin to leak or drip
  • Burst pipes
  • The boiler itself keeps turning off


Emergency boiler and heating engineers near you

At Lacey Plumbing and Heating, we can likely help you today, just give us a call and tell us the problem.

90% of the time, we attend boiler breakdowns on the same day.

We will always aim to have your boiler repaired same-day, however, some parts may need to be ordered in so repairs may take slightly longer. We’ll always communicate this with you and ensure that your property is safe in the meantime.

It is our highest priority that your boiler gets repaired as soon as possible, especially during the colder periods of the year.

Having an emergency in Bury and need our help? Get in touch now

What happens during an emergency boiler repair in Bury?

After making the phone call or sharing your issues with us online, our office team will log your job onto our customer system. You will then be allocated a time slot for an engineer’s attendance to diagnose your boiler fault.

Our engineer will attend your home and carry out the necessary checks to diagnose your boiler fault. He will advise you of the fault and upload all the information to our office team. 

Our office team will then locate the part and provide you with a fixed price cost to repair. If we can do this the same day, we will. 

If the part required is not in stock, we will give you a timescale for repairing your boiler. Once the part has arrived in stock, our office team will call you to rebook the repair appointment.

We always provide you with the most cost effective solution for repairing your boiler.

Offering our fast response time with an experienced and qualified heating engineer, we are the perfect team to choose to help you when dealing with a boiler emergency.

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Having an emergency in Bury and need our help? Get in touch now
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