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Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing in commercial properties are constantly in use, meaning it is inevitable for plumbing problems to occur. However, it is important to not let commercial plumbing issues affect critical business operations. By working with commercial plumbers, you can prevent worst case plumbing scenarios.

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What is commercial plumbing maintenance?

Commercial plumbing maintenance is the maintenance of the plumbing in commercial establishments such as retail outlets, schools, restaurants, warehouses, offices and many more public spaces. 

Plumbing maintenance can also include refurbishment, installation and repair within these buildings.


What does a commercial plumber do?

Commercial plumbers not only maintain plumbing in larger buildings, they also repair and install the plumbing in these buildings too. They may also design commercial plumbing infrastructures such as boiler systems, pipeworks and sewage systems. 

Commercial plumbers must be able to follow building plans and designs. They will typically work on much larger and much more complex buildings compared to a residential plumber.

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Why is commercial plumbing maintenance important?

You can benefit from regular commercial plumbing planned maintenance in various different ways. 

By identifying problems early, you can prevent them from becoming expensive emergencies in the future. Spotting problems early means you’re less likely to lose a significant amount of revenue or pay a hefty repair bill. 

Regular plumbing planned maintenance also allows you to identify and remove safety hazards in the workplace before accidents or incidents occur. 

Not to mention, your plumbing also lasts longer if it is maintained properly. 

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What industries would benefit from commercial plumbing maintenance?

Commercial plumbing is not necessarily a one size fits all, but despite that being said, all businesses should work with a commercial plumber that is familiar with the property. 

Many industries work with commercial plumbers, but some that would benefit the most include:

  • Public houses and restaurants
  • Hotels 
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Residential care homes
  • Schools


What is preventative maintenance plumbing? 

Preventive maintenance plumbing is the process of regularly scheduling maintenance tasks that are performed at intervals throughout the year. 

Preventative maintenance involves completing regular checks, servicing and inspections to ensure everything is working correctly and as efficiently as it can be. It could be crucial if you and your business are looking to reduce costs, repair time and downtime. 

Investing time to build a preventive maintenance schedule with a commercial plumber will inevitably save you time and money down the line.

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