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Purchasing or installing a new boiler isn’t exactly glamorous, but it is crucial to ensure a happy and healthy household. Anyone who lives in the UK will know how important it is, especially in the colder months, to have a fully functioning boiler that works effectively. However, boiler’s can come with a variety of challenges and complexities. 

Luckily, Lacey Plumbing & Heating are trusted professionals that can take care of your boiler installation and service. If you are looking for advice or quotations, we provide them for FREE. So, get in touch with us by clicking the blue button below or by requesting a quotation.
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Things to consider before installing a new boiler

Where to place the boiler

If you’re getting a new boiler installed, you need to consider if the existing boiler is in the best location in your house. Or, if you could be utilising the space in your house more effectively then it could be worth re-thinking the location. It can be difficult sometimes for small or new build houses to find the best location, so it’s always worth speaking to an expert such as ourselves. 

Choose the right service provider

It’s no secret that your boiler is an integral part of your home. And, something that you should consider in depth. This is why you should make sure that the company you work with has all the correct accreditations and are trusted in their industry. At Lacey Plumbing & Heating, we are Worcester accredited installed and have been for 7 years. We also have 500 positive reviews from local customers and offer a 12 year manufacturers guarantee. 

When to get your boiler installed

We will go into more detail about this below, but timing is everything when it comes to installing a new boiler. The reason timing is important is due to boiler’s typically being more active during the winter months. The worst time for you to realise you need a new boiler is when you’re midway through December and the temperature is starting to significantly drop.

Pay Monthly options available

Lacey Plumbing and Heating offer pay monthly options on leading brands of boilers. To find out more click here

When's the right time to get a new boiler?

When it comes to replacing a boiler, people often have questions around the best time to get a new one. In the worst case scenario, your boiler may break and you have no choice other than to get it fixed or find a replacement immediately. 

However, throughout the year, you should always keep an eye on your boiler to identify any possible issues with it. Getting an annual boiler service is always recommended so you don’t suddenly need to fork out the cost for a new boiler unexpectedly. 

The best time to install a new boiler would be in the spring and summer months because, as you may guess, a boiler breaking down in winter is the last thing that you want. Having this kind of long-term thinking can make your life much easier if you can plan out the perfect time to install a new one.

In the autumn and winter months, boiler breakdowns can start to increase significantly due to more households relying on central heating systems. If you can plan to have a new boiler installed in the warmer months of the year then you could be saving yourself the hassle of dealing with a cold house if your boiler is to breakdown. If you do need a boiler immediately, Lacey Plumbing & Heating are on hand any time of the year to install it for you and leave you with a heated and happy home.


Why should I choose Lacey’s for my boiler installation?

Your boiler is a big investment for your home so you deserve to know that the product being installed is right for your home and installed correctly. 

Our most wanted team of plumbers and heating engineers will work with you to find you a quality boiler, within your budget, that is installed to a high quality standard. The cost of your boiler will depend on the make that you choose and the requirements for your property.

The boilers Lacey Plumbing and Heating install have a minimum 5 year warranty, with some stretching up to 12 years on brands including Worcester Bosch, Ideal and Baxi. With thousands of installations under our belts we know which boilers are value for money and won’t let you down.

All of our installations are carried out professionally by our friendly, qualified engineers. Following installation of your boiler, our team will register it for your warranty and with Gas Safe.

Our advice and quotations are FREE, so get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Or you can fill in the form below and request a quotation. 



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