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The Best Combi Boilers: Updated Guide

As 2023 will soon be coming to an end, many homeowners may be considering upgrading their boiler before the cold winter months arrive. However, you may be wondering what the best Combi Boilers of 2023 are. In this guide, we’ll break down our top five boilers, as well as which ones are best suited to your home.

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Benefits of a combi boiler

Combi boilers are extremely efficient, with condensing combi boilers having an efficiency rating of 90-94%. This means you’ll have a warmer home for less energy usage, which is particularly important since around half of your annual energy spend goes to heating your home. 

Combi boilers also don’t require a tank like other boilers do. This means you can receive instant hot water whenever you need it, instead of relying on your hot water coming from an insulated tank. Since they don’t have a hot water tank, combi boilers are also much more compact. This makes them ideal for being fitted out of sight in cupboards, lofts and utility rooms. 

How much do combi boilers cost?

Budget combi boilers can cost anywhere from £500 to £900, offering lower quality parts but also shorter warranties. 

Mid-range boilers can cost anywhere from £900 to £1,500 and the high end models usually cost around £1,500 to £3000. 

It’s important to be mindful that these costs do not include labour costs, only the boiler unit itself. A new boiler installation will also include other materials, time controls and chemicals that need adding to your system. It’s best to get a quote to give you a good idea of how much a new installation would be.

Best combi boilers of 2023

The competition of the best combi-boiler is always tight, with the leading brands constantly releasing new makes and models to compete with the rest of the market. 

Our top combi boilers of 2023 include:

  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life Combi Gas Boiler
  • Ideal Logic Max Combi Gas Boiler
  • Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi Gas Boiler

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life Combi Gas Boiler

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life is a compact condensing combi boiler, and if it is installed by a Worcester Bosch accredited installer like ourselves, you can receive up to 12 years warranty. This is one of the longest warranties available amongst the boilers, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing your boiler will be covered for a long time.


Bar one, all of the Greenstar 8000 Life combi boilers come with a central heating output of 35kW, making them suitable for homes with up to 20 radiators. The other model in this range has an output rating of 30kW, with a flow rate of 12.3 litres per minute, making it ideal for smaller homes with just one bathroom.

Your boiler surveyor can check what boiler is suitable for your home during a survey.


As you’d expect with Worcester Bosch boilers, all of the models in this range have a 94% efficiency rating and they are ErP A rated for hot water and heating. 


Key features of the 8000 Life combi boiler include:


  • An increased modulation ratio of 1:10
  • Intelligent filling system
  • Wireless connectivity with the Bosch EasyControl 
  • Hard-wearing and lightweight

Ideal Logic Max Combi Gas Boiler

The Ideal Logic Max has the potential to lower your energy bills thanks to its 94% efficiency rating and ErP A rating for heating and hot water.

This boiler comes with a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty when installed by an Ideal Max Accredited Installer.


Every boiler in the Logic Max range has a central heating output of 24.4kW, which is best suited for homes with around 3 bedrooms and 10 radiators. There is also a 10 year warranty with each of the Logic Max boilers, which ensures you are well covered after installation.


They key features of the Logic Max include:


  • A large digital display 
  • Frost protection
  • Easy to reach pressure gauge 
  • Hard wearing and scratch resistant exterior 
  • The Ideal system filter, which is designed to protect against black iron oxide


The Logic Max range has a variety of different water and heat outputs to suit property requirements; and, as with any Logic boiler, you can expect to see effective and reliable heating supported by a reliable system.

Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Combi Gas Boiler

We have added the ecoFITPure combi boiler by Vaillant as it’s a great price boiler. Vaillant is widely recommended by heating professionals, including ourselves, thanks to its 94% energy efficiency rating and the outputs of 25, 30,or 35kw. This boiler is great for a variety of different homes, from smaller ones to ones with a high demand for constant hot water. 


The ecoFIT is also incredibly quiet while operating and is noted as being one of the more stylish models thanks to its backlit display and contoured case. 


This boiler includes a 10 year warranty when fitted with their advanced boiler protection kit. 


The top features of this boiler includes:


  • Compact, cupboard fit solution
  • High quality components
  • Top and rear flue options on all boiler models – Allows flexible sitting options and installation in various property types
Type of Combi Boiler Warranty Typical cost Home size Efficiency rating
Ideal Logic Max Combi Gas Boiler 10 years £970-£1200 Medium homes 94%
Vaillant ecoFIT PURECombi Gas Boiler Up to 10 years £1200-£1700 Small to larger homes 94%
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi Gas Boiler Up to 12 years £1300 Larger homes 94%

How to choose the best combi boiler

In order to choose the best combi boiler, you should consider how much hot water is used in your household, the size of your property, the fuel that is available to you and the size of the boiler you can have installed. You may also want to consider other factors, such as energy efficient options to choose from. 


Demand for hot water 

One of the most important considerations when choosing the size of your boiler is how much hot water your household is likely to use. 


For most households with a single bathroom, a 24-30kW boiler is generally the best option, whereas if you have a bathroom and an en-suite, it may be advisable to choose a larger boiler of 30-35kW. 


Size of the property

As well as hot water, your boiler will likely be the main source of heating to your home. This means it is essential you choose a boiler that is large enough to provide a sufficient heat output to your entire property. 


The size of this will be determined by your household’s demand for hot water, and a qualified heating installer will assess this for you prior to any final recommendations. 


At Lacey Plumbing & Heating, we will take the time to evaluate what the best combi boiler is for your home, and will make specific recommendations based on this. We understand that not everyone is a boiler expert and deciding what boiler to get in such a saturated market can be a minefield, which is why we’re here to help.


Our team of professional heating engineers will not only suggest the best boilers for your home, but we’ll also install them for you in a hassle free process. 


Which boiler brand is the most reliable?

When you’re looking for a new boiler, some of the considerations on the top of your list should be how reliable it is, its value for money and its lifespan. 


Ultimately, these areas are where you can weed out which boilers are best suited to your home. 


Brands like Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are big names in the heating and boiler industry, and you’ve probably heard of them before. There’s a reason why they are so popular though, and that’s because time and time again they have proven to produce reliable and efficient pieces of equipment. 


They both also have long warranties, so you can have peace of mind knowing if anything does happen, you are covered for a long period of time. 


What is the best combi boiler for a 2 bedroom house?

The Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Combi Gas Boiler is a great high performance combi boiler that is ideal for smaller homes, such as those with two bedrooms. This boiler delivers hot water within 5 seconds, meaning there is no need for a storage tank or cylinder which would take up a large amount of space. 


The ecoFIT comes in four models, with a 25kW and 30kW size which are ideal for those who have homes with two bedrooms and one bathroom. It is also a smart boiler that knows when you don’t need as much heating power and will drop to using 16% of its maximum power, saving on money and fuel. 


What is the best combi boiler for a 3 bedroom house?

The Worcester 4000 or 8000 range is a great choice here for a 3 bedroom home. It depends on the checks carried out during your boiler survey, but they come in 25kw upwards. 


What is the best combi boiler for a 4 bedroom house?

For larger houses with four bedrooms and one or more bathrooms, the Ideal Logic Max Combi Gas Boiler is a great option. The Logic Max range includes a 24kW, 30kW and 35kW model, which makes them ideal for a range of different sized homes. 


The 24kW to the 30kW model is ideal for homes with four bedrooms, with the larger one being more appropriate for those who have more than one bathroom. The 30kW model has a flow rate of 12.4 l/min, which is slightly less than other brands and models, however, it still provides enough to ensure multiple taps can be used at the same time.

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