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Working Safely In Your Own Home

We’re back open and it’s business as usual for the Lacey Plumbing & Heating team, in this ‘new normal’.

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As a Worcester Approved Installer we have made a pledge and signed up to their ‘Safe In Your Home’ Commitment. This means we are following best practice safety measures in order to carry out installations and maintenance work.

By following the practical guidance set out by the UK Government, you, our customers, will remain protected while plumbing and heating work is completed.

This way of working begins with following the current government guidelines which is currently – STAY ALERT. This isn’t all and we have updated our processes accordingly to consider all potential risks to our customers and team.

All customers will be asked if anyone if the house has any symptoms of Covid-19 or if they are vulnerable, so we can assess before we go. All customers will have the process of how we are currently working explained to them.

Our engineers will call you from outside your property so that you can open the door for our team. Our engineers will be wearing appropriate PPE as they would at any site. They are not obliged to wear a face mask in a domestic property but we have supplied them if an engineer feels that they would prefer to wear one.

Our engineers will wash their hands on arrival at the property, carry out the work/diagnosis, and then clear up their work area with disinfectant paying particular attention to areas that they might have touched – such as door handles.

If they need to talk to a customer they will either do this outside, at a distance inside or from their mobile phone while the customer is in another room. It’s entirely up to you and what you feel most comfortable doing.

If you are shielding or are still unsure about having engineers in your house, we’re continuing to offer video calls. During a call we can provide contactless advice over the phone if you have any questions about a potential emergency repair, including leaks and breakdowns. And as an added bonus you’ll get face time with the famous Most Wanted Plumbers!

If a video call isn’t an option for you, we’re also here at the end of the phone line and you can email photos to us, so that we can review them in a similar way.

All Lacey Plumbing and Heating Ltd quotations are free, so contact us today on 0161 884 1108.

We’re currently working through our boiler servicing backlog so if you’ve not heard from us please do get in touch.


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